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Wholesale X-ray film specializes in orthopedic x-ray equipment, podiatry x-ray equipment, chiropractic x-ray equipment, medical x-ray equipment, veterinarian x-ray equipment, and much more. Call today and see how our products can I help you today, we have the best prices available and top-rated customer service.

Doctor examining orthopedic radiology

Get Your Orthopedic Radiology with Wholesale X-Ray Film in Gretna, LA

Orthopedic radiology is currently also called musculoskeletal radiology. Modalities currently utilized in evaluating orthopedic radiology

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Doctors examining a podiatry x-ray result

Advance Digital Podiatry X-Ray Imaging in Gretna, Louisiana

Podiatry X-Rays or “Radiographs” are taken frequently in many types of doctors offices, including podiatrists.Many patients,

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Doctor examining male patient

Chiropractic Care – Diagnostic Techniques at Wholesale X-ray Film

One of the most important elements of chiropractic care is diagnostics. Chiropractors rely on a variety of diagnostic

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Doctor examining x-ray imaging result

Your Source of Medical X-Ray Imaging in Gretna, Louisiana

X-ray imaging tests are painless procedures that allow doctors to diagnose diseases and injuries without being invasive. 

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Veterinarian taking out X-ray

Veterinary Radiology Experts at Wholesale X-ray Film

Veterinarians consider the use of digital radiograph technology as a critical tool in modern diagnostic procedures.

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